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Scaffolding Accessories

scaffolding accessories

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support people and materials in the construction or repair of buildings and other large buildings. Usually scaffolding is a modular system of pipes or metal tubes, Scaffolding itself also has accessories such as:

Swivel Beam Clamp is used as a hook or combining a plate with a pipe with a fixed angle of 90 degrees for galvanized scaffolding.
Swivel Clamp serves to strengthen and stabilize the scaffolding / scaffolding that is connected to one another. Swivel Clamp accessories scaffolding / scaffolding that serves to connect galvanized pipes that are not straight but different directions, horizontal and vertical.
Pipe Support TM is a Pipe Support TM which is a scaffolding / scaffolding / steger accessory that serves to equalize the load on each part of the scaffolding / scaffolding at the end. This product serves to flatten the load of scaffolding to be safer and stronger. Pipe support is also used to support the angle of the room you want to cast. for the size as follows: TS - 50, TS - 60. TS - 70, TS - 90.

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