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Scaffolding Pipe Support TM Accessories
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12 Jun 2019
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Specification of

Scaffolding / Steger

selling Accessories Scaffolding Pipe Support TM is Pipe Support TM is accessories scaffolding / scaffolding / steger that serves to equalize the load on each part of the scaffolding / scaffolding that is at the end. This product serves to flatten the load of scaffolding to be safer and stronger. Pipe support is also used to support the angle of the room you want to cast. for the size as follows: TS - 50, TS - 60. TS - 70, TS - 90.

Scaffolding itself is made of iron pipes that are formed in such a way that they have the strength to support the load on it. In working on a project, the need for or not the use of scaffolding can depend on the project owner. Because of the difference between the cost of using bamboo and scaffolding. Scaffolding is used as a substitute for bamboo in building a project.

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