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10 Sep 2019
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Scaffolding Connection

Sell ​​Swivel Clamp Scaffolding Accessories in Surabaya

Scaffolding Swivel Clamp accessories function to strengthen and stabilize the scaffolding / scaffolding that is connected to one another. The selection of scaffolding scaffolding is due to the practical nature of the construction, not much requires labor or experts. The use of bamboo scaffolding is due to the strength and size available in the field.

Swivel Scaffolding Accessories Clamp or steger is a scaffolding accessories so a swivel clamp is a construction that bears or receives a load and gives strength and stability to the formwork. Scaffolding can also be called a temporary work platform. Scaffolds are fabricated like scaffolding scaffolding and some are conventional such as bamboo scaffolding. Swivel Clamp is an accessories scaffolding / scaffolding that serves to connect galvanized pipes that are not straight but different directions, horizontal and vertical.

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