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 Scaffolding Swivel Beam Clamp Accessories
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Specification of Scaffolding Swivel Beam Clamp Accessories

Scaffolding Connection

selling Swivel Beam Clamp Scaffolding Accessories are used as hooks or combine plates with pipes with a fixed angle of 90 degrees for scaffolding / steger galvanized. Swivel Clamp or steger is scaffolding accessories so swivel clamp is a construction that bears or receives a load and gives strength and stability to the formwork. Scaffolding can also be called a temporary work platform. Scaffolds are fabricated like scaffolding scaffolding and some are conventional such as bamboo scaffolding. Swivel Clamp is an accessories scaffolding / scaffolding that serves to connect galvanized pipes that are not straight but different directions, horizontal and vertical.

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