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Main Frame scaffolding Galvanize
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07 Oct 2019
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Scaffolding / Steger

Scaffolding Main Frame is a part of scaffolding (steger) which acts as the main component consisting of various types of sizes such as MF 1219, MF1217, MF1215. And we also provide 3 types of main frame height according to your needs, namely height 170, 190 and height 150. commonly used by consumers is height 170 and 190.

Parts of Scaffolding For Sale UD Style Technique There are several parts that are very important in each set of scaffolding
Cat Walk, the part used for footrests at the top of the steger.
Main Frame, a very important part that is as a scaffolding pole.
Arm Lock, is the locking part of the steger pole connection.
Horizontal Frame, is a part that functions as a horizontal part of the middle part.
Cross Brace, is part of a buffer mounted across the stegger.
Join Pin, is a part that is used to connect between the main pole and base pole.
The wheel, is the most important part of the steger for
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