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Main Frame scaffolding Galvanize
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Specification of Main Frame scaffolding Galvanize

Scaffolding / Steger Price Per Set
You're looking for the cheapest scaffolding price per set, buy directly from the nearest distributor and supplier from your city and complete. All choices of brands and complete sizes can be found at the best prices through direct procurement of goods to all UD Gaya Teknik sellers. To find a variety of price estimates you can directly Contact Us:

Buy Scaffolding / Steger from UD Gaya Teknik as a Supplier and Distributor
Get various types of scaffolding sizes with different sizes that are generally sold per set with a price quote and quality of steger material from quality steel pipes with precise sizes so that scaffolding is easily arranged according to your wishes or use. Because the use of construction equipment must adjust the height of the work area to be reached, for example when building construction work.

Parts of Scaffolding Per Set
There are some very important parts in each set of scaffolding that can be used as a tool for building construction. To buy a set of stegers you should also pay attention to some important parts of which must consist of the following parts:
Cat Walk, the part used for footrests at the top of the steger.
Main Frame, a very important part that is as a scaffolding pole.
Arm Lock, is the locking part of the steger pole connection.
Horizontal Frame, is a part that functions as a horizontal part of the middle part.
Cross Brace, is part of a buffer mounted across the stegger.
Join Pin, is a part that is used to connect between the main pole and base pole.
The wheel, is the most important part of the steger for

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